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Located in the bay of San Antonio, the Ryans Lola’s apartments are not just a place for rest and relaxation, but the ideal starting point for experiencing one of Ibiza's most iconic experiences: its sunsets. Our island, known worldwide for its unparalleled parties and nightlife, transforms at dusk into a canvas capturing the most spectacular colours of the horizon. Staying with us places you in a privileged position to enjoy these views, with easy access to the best spots in the area to witness the sunset like never before.


In Ibiza, every day the sun bids farewell with a spectacle of lights, colours, and shadows that has inspired artists, dreamers, and travellers for decades. Sunsets here are not just the end of the day but a ritual, a magical moment for the most passionate, marked by the rhythm of chill-out music that synchronises with the rhythm of the sea. Ibiza has specific spots, especially in summer, where people gather to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Each place offers a unique perspective on this phenomenon, and we want to tell you where you can see it best, always to the rhythm of the best music.

The famous sunset strip of San Antonio

On the Sunset Strip, the sunset experience reaches its peak. Here you will find legendary places like Café del Mar and Café Mambo, which not only offer a direct view of the sunset over the Mediterranean, but are also the settings for some of the best live music sessions and DJ sets in the world. This stretch of coast is an essential meeting point for those looking to combine sunset contemplation with an atmosphere full of good vibes and music.

The best places to watch the sunset this summer in Ibiza

Here are some of the most famous points on the Sunset Strip to enjoy the sunset accompanied by good music and a great atmosphere:


1. Café Mambo

This iconic establishment is not only a favourite for its atmosphere but also for being a window to the Ibiza sunset. With music from world-renowned DJs, Café Mambo is synonymous with sunset parties.


2. Café del Mar

Next to Café Mambo, Café del Mar offers a more tranquil experience, famous for being the birthplace of chill-out music, ideal for those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere with the same spectacular view.


3. Hostal La Torre

Away from the typical hustle and bustle, Hostal La Torre offers a more personal experience, with selected music to accompany the impressive sea view, ideal for enjoying a cocktail at sunset.


4. Sunset Ashram

This unique spot in Cala Comte combines natural beauty with a relaxed vibe, perfect for those looking to get away from more touristy places and enjoy a sunset accompanied by good music.


5. Kumharas

Located in Cala de Bou, Kumharas is an oasis of tranquillity where ambient music and cocktails mix with the view of the sun setting over the sea, offering an authentically Ibizan experience. There you can enjoy live performances and even dance shows.

Other destinations to enjoy the sunset in Ibiza


  • Savannah: With its excellent menu and all kinds of events, Savannah is the ideal place to start the night in Ibiza, beginning with its sunset.
  • Golden Buddha: Offers a more tranquil setting to enjoy the sunset without the crowds of other more well-known bars.
  • Cotton Beach Club: To add a touch of luxury to your sunset, this club in Cala Tarida is perfect, combining stunning views with high-quality cuisine.
  • Mirador Es Vedrá: It's not a bar or restaurant, but a natural spot that you better take care of. From the Torre des Savinar viewpoint, Es Vedrá offers one of the most enigmatic and beautiful sunsets in Ibiza. This place is perfect for those looking for a moment of peace and a deeper connection with nature while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. In recent years, many groups with drums and guitars gather here, adding a spiritual and very hippie touch to the moment.


How to avoid unforeseen issues and fully enjoy sunsets in Ibiza

We offer you some tips to enjoy the sunsets in Ibiza during the summer, one of the island's most iconic experiences and therefore one that many people, like you, look forward to. So, these tips can be very useful:


  1. Arrive early: During the summer, especially in high season, the most well-known places can fill up quickly. Arriving at least an hour before sunset will ensure you a good spot to enjoy the view without any rush.


  1. Make a reservation: If you prefer to guarantee your spot, especially in bars and restaurants, making a reservation can be a good idea. This is especially useful in places like Café Mambo or Sunset Ashram, where tables with sunset views are in high demand.


  1. Prepare your camera: Ibiza's sunsets are spectacular, and you'll definitely want to capture the moment. Make sure your camera or phone is ready and with enough battery to take photos or record videos of the impressive sky.


  1. Enjoy the full local experience: Take the opportunity to try local cocktails or have an outdoor dinner at one of the many restaurants and bars along the coast. Many places offer special menus during sunset.


These tips will help you enjoy one of Ibiza's most beautiful traditions, ensuring that your experience is as magical as it is unforgettable.


No matter if you prefer the pure energy vibes of a beach bar or the serenity of a sunset in a more secluded place, Ibiza offers a perfect experience for everyone. From the famous Sunset Strip to the tranquil natural corners of the island, each sunset promises an unforgettable experience.