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Another sinful summer with the opening of the second 666 restaurant at Ryans Ibiza

Burgers drive most of us crazy, right? And the stats back it up. Nowadays, burgers have become the top choice in fast food, beating out pizzas. Fast food sales soared by 25% in 2021, hitting €3.845 billion, according to a study by the DBK Sectoral Observatory from Informa. It's a booming sector, but it's not a free-for-all, and customers know it. Competition is fierce, so you've got to offer something enticing and, of course, top-notch quality to make a real impact.

666 restaurant hits us right where it hurts: with a killer combo of great food and marketing that's bang on brand with its parent company, La Buena Muerte. The result? A menu and venues that are to die for, plus the love from customers. Since 2023, Ibiza has been blessed with the best burgers around, first at Ryans Lolas in San Antonio, and now, from this summer, at Ryans Ibiza in Playa d’en Bossa.


The Origins of La Buena Muerte


Back in 2020, in the midst of lockdown, a concept emerged that captured both discerning palates and critical minds: La Buena Muerte. A restaurant diving headfirst into the world of smash burgers and American cuisine, but with a unique style and overwhelming personality.

It was in 2021, on Halloween night and the revered Day of the Dead on November 1st in the city of Granada, when La Buena Muerte finally saw the light. Since its opening, the place started an eerie countdown: 666 days. This number, far from being chosen randomly, evokes the mysterious "mark of the Beast," a term rooted in the manuscripts of the New Testament, particularly in the Book of Revelation.

Just as the mark of the Beast is associated with the number 666, La Buena Muerte also embraces this symbol, giving itself 666 days to continue its existence in a new, peculiar, and

delicious gastronomic hell. And that's how, "thank God" (excuse the pun), they arrived in Ibiza.


666 x La Buena Muerte: A restaurant exclusively for Ryans Hotels


Here's one more reason to look forward to the new 2024 season in our Ryans hotels: we've got the best burger joint on the island. And it's not just the hotel guests saying it; it's the thousands of local customers who filled up reservations last year. La Buena Muerte works wonders with an innovative concept of smash burgers that's hard to forget for our stomachs.

Their burgers boast an unbeatable personal technique, always "smashed" at no less than 200°C, making them exquisite and even addictive. Perhaps that's one reason why so many kept coming back. The menu couldn't be more original, featuring influences from street foods worldwide, not just in burgers but also in desserts and other dishes.

This 2024, with the opening of their second restaurant at Ryans Ibiza in Playa d’en Bossa, 666 will once again become a new path to the most desired underworld for all smash burger lovers. A true descent through the different phases of our hell, although undoubtedly, for many, it will become their particular paradise for enjoying our cuisine.


Experience the full gastronomic adventure at Ryans' 666 Restaurant


Don't think 666 is just a burger joint, okay? Well, mostly yes, but their menu offers different options like salads, plenty of starters (including "Korean chicken wings" and "Nachos with pico de gallo, chilli beef, and cheese sauce"), an incredible twist on the classic hot dog, a wide and highly recommended selection of homemade sauces, shakes, and even cocktails.

However, the real stars are the burgers, no arguing about that. They're all worth it, but we hold a special place in our hearts for the "Psycho Killer" (a classic with a very special twist) and the "Virgen Santa Thai" a vegan burger that drives both vegans and carnivores crazy.

666 is the perfect place to gather your friends and enjoy not only good food but also a great atmosphere, with a killer playlist (which, by the way, you can listen to here), a team always on point to ensure your experience is unforgettable, and modern décor.


A sin you won't regret

Coming to devour a burger at 666 restaurant is diving into a universe where death takes center stage, but not just any death, La Buena Muerte. Because what would life be without its inevitable counterpart? And what would we be without the experience of savoring every last bite of a good burger? The season kicks off now, and Ryans and 666 are eager to offer you everything we've got planned together: food challenges, movie sessions, 8-player foosball competitions, or live music. We'll be waiting for you in Ibiza's most desired underworld!


*Remember! Book in advance. 666's fame has skyrocketed, so we recommend booking your table in advance, especially if you want to enjoy the experience during peak season.