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The best beach clubs and boat parties in Ibiza for summer 2024: what's new and what never Fails

Our beloved Ibiza, the Balearic island renowned for its vibrant parties, paradisiacal landscapes, and world-class electronic music, is more than ready for another thrilling summer in 2024. But are you ready? Do you know where to go to have a good time? Do you want the fun to be by the sea? Among the many activities the island offers, beach clubs and boat parties stand out as the most sought-after meeting places for fun and music lovers from around the world who come to Ibiza. When the good weather arrives, what we crave is to find places close to the sea where we can have a great time. This year, both classic establishments and new ones promise exciting dj sessions and unforgettable experiences. Let's take a look at the best beach clubs and boat parties in Ibiza!

Iconic Ibiza beach clubs: where luxury, beautiful people, and leisure merge

One of the names that resonates strongly among beach club lovers in Ibiza is the famous Blue Marlin Ibiza. Located on the beach of Cala Jondal, this venue combines a luxurious atmosphere with a vibrant party vibe. For the summer of 2024, Blue Marlin is expected to offer an even more exciting lineup than in previous seasons, with renowned djs and special events that will attract visitors from around the world. If you're looking for a classic that never fails, that's Blue Marlin.


While new additions to Ibiza's entertainment scene are exciting for many, among the classic establishments, we can also highlight places like Nikki Beach Ibiza. With over 10 years of opening each season, they continue to be favorites among the island's attendees year after year. With a consolidated reputation as one of the top luxury destinations on the beach, Nikki Beach continues to offer an unparalleled experience that combines music, gastronomy, and entertainment in an idyllic setting by the sea, located in Cala Martina, Santa Eulalia.

Recent Additions of Beach Clubs in Ibiza by the Sea

Among the newest and most successful places, Beachouse Ibiza is an interesting addition to the island's beach club scene. With a privileged location on Playa d'en Bossa beach, and just two years old, this establishment combines exceptional gastronomy with live music and a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere. For the summer of 2024, Beachouse promises to offer a unique experience capable of capturing the essence of life on the Ibiza coast.


Another new place gaining popularity is Aiyanna Ibiza. Located on Cala Nova beach, Aiyanna offers a very bohemian and relaxed experience with rustic and organic decoration. Its top-quality Mediterranean cuisine and chill atmosphere make it a popular choice for those seeking a quiet spot by the sea.


In Ibiza, we recently welcomed Almar Ibiza, a new beach club located on the picturesque Talamanca beach. With an elegant and modern aesthetic, Almar offers a sophisticated experience by the Mediterranean Sea. Its minimalist design is combined with comfortable sun loungers and Balinese beds, creating a relaxed yet very chic atmosphere to enjoy the Ibiza sun. Chill-out music and an excellent gastronomic offer complete the experience, making Almar Ibiza a must-visit destination for lovers of the good life.

Other beach clubs options: discover the variety of styles and atmospheres


In addition to Blue Marlin, Beachouse, Aiyanna, and Almar Ibiza, the island offers a wide variety of beach clubs to suit all tastes. For example, Cotton Beach Club in Cala Tarida is well known for its spectacular views, while Nassau Beach Club in Playa d'en Bossa combines a chill-out style atmosphere with top-quality Mediterranean cuisine and live music. Additionally, you can also visit Amante Beach Club in Sol d'en Serra, which, due to its location, offers a more intimate and exclusive experience, perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle.

Boat Parties in Ibiza: endless fun cruises? Yes, please!

For those looking to take their party experience to the high seas, Ibiza's boat parties are an irresistible option. One of the leading companies in this area on the island is Ibiza Boat Club, known for its extravagant events on luxury yachts that sail the crystal-clear waters surrounding the entire island. This summer, Ibiza Boat Club promises to exceed expectations with new routes, exclusive dj sets on their cruises, and unique experiences that can only be found on the high seas.

When Ibiza only offers you good options to be happy

The summer of 2024 promises to be an unforgettable season in Ibiza, with a wide range of coastal entertainment options for all tastes. Whether you choose to relax in a luxurious beach club or prefer to dance under the sun at a boat party, Ibiza has something special reserved for you and your friends. Whether you choose to visit classic establishments or explore the latest additions to the beach party scene, one thing is certain: your summer in Ibiza will be an unforgettable experience full of fun, music, and unforgettable moments.


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