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Ryans La Marina | House of Coco

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Ibiza, the white island in the Mediterranean renowned for hedonism and all night clubbing, becomes the focal point for many British and European tourists in search of mass clubs, well-known DJs and all-day, all-night parties during the summer months. It’s the third biggest of the Balearic Islands and was irst settled by Phoenician navigations around 654BC. It’s hard to imagine that these settlers would have envisioned the Ibiza we all know when they irst docked on the island, but we have them to thank for the culture that still resides on southern coastal capital of Eivissa (Ibiza Town). Steeped in culture, history and grace, this elegant port town brings a new dimension to your Ibiza weekender. Being the popular destination that it is, there are no shortage of hotels on the island; it’s rare that you’ll ind a hotel that’s near all of the popular haunts but still quiet at night, even in the old town. One hotel has managed to hit the jackpot though, without having the have padded rooms throughout. Ryans La Marina is a modern, boutique style hotel found in Ibiza Old Town, between Dalt Vila, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the port of Ibiza. It’s the ideal spot for young travellers who want to combine historical culture, food, shopping and lively nightlife, all in an urban location.