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5 very different spots on the island to watch the sunset in Ibiza

Kumharas - If you enjoy mojitos and cocktails, this beachfront bar and restaurant is for you. You can even walk there from Ryans Lolas if you feel lazy. You can have dinner while watching the sunset, accompanied by good music, performances, and a great atmosphere. Or you can simply grab a beer and take it with you to the beach. The view from Kumharas is merely stunning. You can enjoy the magnificent sea view as the sun slowly disappears. It is a very popular place because it offers a truly unforgettable experience.

Benirràs - If you're a bit more of a hippie, this is the perfect place to go and watch the sunset. The energy at Benirràs during sunset is incredible. People gather to enjoy this natural spectacle while dancing, clapping, and immersing themselves in the festive atmosphere. It is a truly unique experience that you won't want to miss. So, if you clap when the sun goes down, you shouldn't wait any longer to go to Benirràs.

Punta Galera - Punta Galera is the complete opposite of what we just mentioned. It is a hidden place near Cala Salada. Known for its calm and relaxed atmosphere and the smooth stretch of rocks where you can sit and enjoy the sunset. So, you know where to go if you're looking for peace and tranquillity when saying goodbye to the sun. However, it's pretty far, so make sure to bring something to drink because you won't find any beach bars around.

Cala Comte - It is a dreamy cove located on the island's west coast. It is known for its incredible natural beauty and turquoise crystal-clear waters. This beach will leave you breathless from the moment you set foot on it. What makes Cala Comte so unique is its stunning landscape. Its crystal-clear waters, fine sand, and islets create the perfect setting to enjoy the sunset with your friends.

Torre des Savinar - Also known as the Pirate Tower, it has one of the most beautiful landscapes on the island, overlooking the Es Vedrà islet, an icon of Ibiza. It creates one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island. If you're into history, here's a fun fact: the tower used to be a watchtower to detect and protect against pirate attacks that the island suffered.